Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tool #11: Technology ToolBox

My favorites tools are Animoto, Blogger, Bookr, Cover It Live, DropBox,Glogster, Google Docs, TodaysMeet, and Poll Everywhere. I can use Poll Everywhere to ask a quick opinion from my students on some particular topics such as product choices or what topics they like to do online.  TodaysMeet is a quick way to set up math discussion among students in class or with collaborative with another math class.

The Tools and Ipads are given me more choices when come to plan effective math lessons so learning will take place.  I'm very curious and inquisitive on what I can do to help students see the beauty of mathematics and purposes in their learning.  If the tools are helping students to learn and see things in a different perspectives then I need to change my teaching strategies.  In other words, if changes are to increase learning and help students best use of their talents then I have no problem changing my teaching habits.  In addition, I still like students to learn  to build their own math labs the old fashion ways so they can build on their conceptual knowledge.  They need to see and be able to do both ways...

Due to my busy working schedule I feel a little behind when come to know about technology in comparisons with my students.  I do not own a blog, facebook, my space, or twitter account before doing the 11 tools.   My many thanks and appreciations to all the people who are willing to sacrifice their time sharing their tutorial videos on youtube and google.  I don't really have any trouble or difficulty try to learn on how to use the tools.  Time has been well spending and I learn so much during the last couple days. 

"I'm still learning...."


  1. Nice job finishing your 11 Tools, Ms. Nguyen! You worked hard on them, I can tell. I am just starting Tool #2 today because I just finished teaching summer school.

  2. Isn't it amazing how many teachers have the time to create a share tutorials and lessons via the web. Just as you have found them helpful, so can your students. Could you consider creating some for your students to watch?

  3. Congrats Michelle! You're totally done! If you need any help with using the tools or would like my assistance in any way next year, let me know.

    I'll be seeing you very soon!


  4. Great jofb finishing your 11 tools training. I am in the process of completing 11 tools, and look forward in completing them too.