Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tool #4: Writing Assignment in Google Docs

I share a math writing assignment with my algebra II team members in Google Docs.  The tools allow team members and students to  comments, share ideas, and edit lesson plans, activities, projects, and games....Students can send their work for me to edit or get help from others if they have trouble doing math work at home.  They can even send me their group projects,  homework,  or writings from home.  Homebound students can use Google Docs to send me their work electronically. I can be able to fix their mistakes, explain, and help them when they have trouble solving math problems without worry about the distance.

Name: _________________

Date: ____________________                                              Writing Assignment

Period: ______________________

1)      List all the words or phrases you would use to describe mathematics to a friend. (5-7 minutes)

2)      Imagine yourself doing or using mathematics either in or out of school: list all the feelings that come to mind. (5-7 minutes)

     3)      List all the objects (nouns, things) that you think math is like (5-7 minutes)

    4) Read over your three lists carefully.  From the third list, choose the words that best describe what math is most like for you.  Finish this sentence: “For me, math is most like a (n) _______”Explain your choice fully in paragraphs. Be creative!

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